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Given the global nature of the aviation business, there is a distinct need for better global harmonisation of security measures to facilitate overall performance improvements to the benefit of the travelling public and shippers. However, recognising the Asia-Pacific region consists of highly diverse economies, which vary in their perspectives and in the levels of resources they can bring to bear on managing global security issues, the AAPA actively promotes the need for regional cooperation on a multilateral basis to address common security concerns.

AAPA encourages cooperation through collaboration with other stakeholders in the region and beyond. Although recognising the need for vigilance, AAPA continues to maintain that the provision of aviation security is a governmental function and therefore all associated cost should be borne by the States from general revenue sources and not through taxes and user fees.

Key issues currently addressed by AAPA are as follows:

  • Unruly Passengers
    The challenges faced by industry on unruly/disruptive passengers is the limited legal recourse to pursue the matter due largely to the issue of legal jurisdiction. The AAPA aims to develop a best practice document taking into account members’ collective procedures to address unruly passengers. It is also in the midst of engaging States to encourage more legislative guidance.
  • Harmonisation of Security Programmes
    The AAPA has been involved in collaborative efforts to mitigate the impact of national security programme requirements, which affects the airline’s security programme operating into the State concerned. The emphasis remains on the need to follow internationally recognized security programme templates via a harmonised approach, which therefore ensures the requirements are practical, cost effective and not introduce any burden to business operations.
    The AAPA recognises that the threat of MANPADS is imminent and therefore needs to be effectively addressed. A realistic and pragmatic approach has been adopted by the AAPA, which involves dividing the threat vectors into three main categories: preventive, protective and responsive. A position paper has been prepared to provide a more structured overview of the challenges that we face and an opportunity to efficiently allocate resources to the various MANPADS countermeasures suggested.

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